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EROTICArt Festival 2024


The EROTICArt Festival celebrates the its 10th anniversary and returns more revealing than ever!

The Biggest Erotic Festival in Greece which has become an institution, returns this summer from May 31st to June 3rd at Old Depot O.SY. at Gazi!

The Biggest Erotic Festival in Greece which has become an institution, returns this summer from May 31st to June 3rd at Old Depot O.SY. at Gazi celebrating its ten years of life!

In the center of Athens, renewed and always focusing on eroticism, the sexual mood and behavior, the EROTICArt Festival promises, for four whole days, a unique feast of eroticism in more than 3,700 sq.m..

The organization of the exhibition, through information, the art, the exhibits, the bazzar of all kinds, the entertainment, the shows, but also the parties with guest stars the top erotic models around the world, is driven to offer its visitors the ultimate pleasure of eroticism, as well as sexual stimulation mood and behavior in all their dimensions.

The Festival which is now an institution in entertainment and Erotic Lifestyle, returns more impressive than everto lift our spirits to the heights.

Strip shows and themed after parties in the most popular clubs of the area are some of his activities «EROTICArt Festival», which will keep the interest of the visitor until the early hours of the morning.

Οι πιο γνωστοί pornstars they will «unfold» their talents and delight even the most demanding audience.

The «EROTICArt Festival» constitutes one one of the most visited lifestyle exhibitions with over 40,000 visitors.

The "present" they will give and this year many international performers and erotic models that will arrive from every corner of the planet on his behalf EROTICArt Festival.

What the visitor will see:

The Se(x)hibition: The largest exhibition of products and services that has ever been held in our country on the subject of eroticism and sexual behavior. Exhibitors present the latest products and services in the area.

Sex Performing: The best Erotic Models in the world are coming to Greece, ready to unfold their talent on the main stage of the festival, covering every demanding viewer. Through their pioneering shows, they shake up the stereotypes and raise the public's eroticism to new heights.

BDSM Area – Alternative erotism: The art of eroticism through another «dark» dimension will put us on paths that are not conventional with classical patterns.

Domination games and extreme situations in one zone strictly NSFW.

Parallel activities are held during the festival with the sole aim of satisfying even the most demanding visitors.

Sex Art: Art exhibition, with works and photographs of renowned artists from Greece and abroad.

NGO hosting and information from them about sexually transmitted diseases.

Live an unprecedented experience up close!

For more information and to book a booth space, contact on the phone +306944592093.



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